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Summer Camp Jobs

Whatever your skills, knowledge and experience, as long as you have the work ethinc and a buring desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children, there is a job for you at camp!
General Summer Camp Counselor

General Summer Camp Counselor

Don't worry, 'counselor' does not mean physchologist or therapist!! A counselor at camp is responsible for the general well being of a group of campers and makes sure they are safe at camp!

As a general counselor you will live a bunk with a co-counselor and a group of children.  You can expect to join in lot's of different activities with your bunk so flexibility and a desire to get stuck in and have a go at anything is a must!!

Expect to share some games and activities that are specific to your country too as you share your culture.

If you have great child care experience but less specific activity experience, this is the job for you!

A large proportion of the summer camp jobs available include working as a general counselor.

Specialist Summer Camp Counselor

Specialist Summer Camp Counselor

Specialist counselors take on the overall responsibility for coaching and organizing a particular activity at camp.  If you have a certification or experience teaching a skill then this is the role for you!

A specialist counselor provides daily instruction in a specific activity (or activities) to groups of campers. The types of specialist skills in demand by camps are numerous so don't forget to include all your skills and certifications in your online profile!

Specialist counselors also take part in overall camp life, so be prepared to live in a cabin and join in evening programs and help with other activities.


Support Summer Camp Staff

Support Summer Camp Staff

Behind every great organization there is a support team, working hard to make sure the operations of the organization run like clock work.  Camp needs them too.

Do you have experience in Housekeeping, Kitchen or Office Work?  Why not consider a role as support staff?

Every camp requires individuals to be part of the team "behind the scenes" - ensuring everyone has the equipment, facilities, and food they need to keep camp running. Support staff roles typically receive a higher salary and are allocated more free time to ensure you can get involved with the day-to-day fun of camp!

You will live separately to the campers in a staff bunk and will enjoy all the fun of camp without the added responsibility of looking after campers directly!

To work as support staff you must be a full-time student in University on your summer break.