Spend the summer of your life in America.

The Time of your Life

3 Adventures has proven success in providing summer job opportunities at summer camps across America.

2016 will be our biggest summer yet and we’d love you provide you with a life changing experience and the opportunity to make life-long friends.

We know firsthand having been international staff at camp ourselves, how daunting the process can seem the first time you apply to work in a summer camp in America.  Don’t worry! We provide a personal service, we take the pain out of the admin and we make sure you get paid well – You’ll earn a minimum of $1,600 and as much as $2,500 depending on your experience and qualifications – Compare that with others in the industry.

Whether you are based in the UK or Ukraine, we’re here to help!  In fact if you have a questions, just contact us now!

How it works

How it Works

Once you’ve created and account and completed our application form (telling us why you would be a great staff member at summer camp), we will go over your application and contact you to arrange an interview if we feel you are right for the program!

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For First Time Staff - £395

For Returning Staff - $375 (Camp MAY pay this for you)

There is no cost to simply apply.

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How it works

Everything you need to know about camp

What is summer camps in America like? How do you know what type of jobs to apply? How do you know which camp to choose? Will you able to work in a summer camp? Do you know aboutIENA Scotland?

We've made it easy for you to find the answers..

Information for parents

For parents

3 Adventures realizes that we are running a program that is taking your loved one thousands of miles away from you and putting them in an unfamiliar environment. Here is a brief list of FAQ's for parents.

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