Spend the summer of your life in America.

Reliability, Quality, Trust, Diversity

3 Adventures is a mission driven, more affordable provider of International Staff to camps, hotels and resorts.

It is our mission to empower all people around the world to connect with each other through programs that promote training, work and travel.

Summer camp at one of 3Adventure camp employers

3 Adventures is a service agency dedicated to providing programs for young people that develop personal growth and awareness of the world beyond their borders.

3 Adventures trains students before placing them in work situations. We also organize travel opportunities. Every aspect of the 3 Adventures experience—training, work and travel—deepens our clients’ awareness of themselves and their commitment to global citizenship.

Who are our clients?

They are students eager to work in the United States, to endure rigorous training before they are placed, and to remain committed to the institution where they are placed. Our hope is that our participants will feel more empowered as young adults when they graduate from their 3 Adventures summer. They will earn money, but the learning experience—about themselves, about the world—will be as important as the money they earn. The option to travel once the work contract is over will further enrich their experience.

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