Spend the summer of your life in America.

How much does working at summer camp cost?

American summer camp jobs need not cost a small fortune to apply and participate in. We offer some of the most competitive summer camp salaries available, and there is no cost to simply apply.

Ok, I am interested, now what?

  • Browse through the website, read the information, create an account and complete the application form in full.

  • One of the 3A team will reach out to you to discuss your application and set up an interview.

  • If accepted we will provide you with all appropriate visa paperwork, medical insurance and 24hr support.

  • Summer Camps run from mid June (ish) to mid August, leaving lots of post camp travel time.

  • After you have been interviewed, your application will be sent to Summer Camps.  Expect interested summer camps to call or e mail to discuss/interview and potentially offer you a position.

  • Full training is provided at camp before the children arrive.

  • All your food and accommodation are part of the deal, there are no bills to worry about on camp!

  • Once summer camp is over, you are free to travel America with your new found friends.

If you want to make lots of money this summer, summer camp jobs are not for you.  This will be however, the most fulfilling and exciting adventure you have ever and will ever have.

Do not be fooled by claims of free flights or that food and accommodation is provided by the agency. Every camp will provide food and accommodation as standard and if you have your flight bought for you, it's cost, along with various admin fees, will be deducted from your salary at the end of the summer.

How much is this going to cost?

For First Time Staff:

Application and Interview fee - FREE

If accepted: Proof of intent payment - £100

Once Placed: Final payment - £245

Total program fees due: - £345


Upon acceptance to the program, the first £100 “Proof of Intent” is due. This is to show us that you are serious about your intentions and is the action we wait for before we will match you with a camp. (It is refundable if we fail to find you a spot but please read the term and conditions and refund policy.)

Once placed, and you are happy with your camp and contract, the balance of £245 is due. Your visa paperwork will not be processed until the balance has been paid.

This fee includes the cost of your visa sponsorship, medical insurance for the duration of your stay at camp (up to 4 months), 24 hr support whilst in America and covers our administration costs of getting you prepared and placed for camp)

For Returning Staff or Direct Placements - From $375 (this fee is in dollars as in most cases, camp pays this fee)

You do not have to be an existing 3 Adventures Participant to participate in our returners program.  We will issue all visa paperwork once the balance has been paid in full and you have provided all required documentation.  You receive the same level of support as all of our applicants.

Returners note that the total cost to return starts at $375 depending on your camp.  Please discuss with your camp in advance. 

Late applicants can expect to pay an express surcharge (after April 14th).  Please also be aware that if you require an interview at the US Embassy, allow at minimum 3 weeks.

For returning and Direct Placements only, applicants are responsible for courier charges above $25

Participants from outside the UK:
Please E Mail us at info@3adventures.com for further information

Other Costs You Need to be aware of

You will need to provide an up to date CRB / Police background check: £50(ish) You will need to attend an embassy appointment in London or Belfast to obtain your actual visa. The cost of this is $160. (Returnees, you may be allowed to do a postal visa)

If you live outside the U.K., we will help you locate the closest U.S. embassy to you. Sydney, Dublin, Madrid for example. The booking fee will remain the same as it is charged by the embassy directly, $160 U.S.D. + Handling.

This program does not include flights

Your Doctor may also charge you a fee to complete the medical form for camp.

Any errors on your DS20-19 form as a result of your personal details being entered incorrectly will result in the need for a reprint of your DS20-19 form and reshipment.  The cost of this is $100