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A Brief History of American Summer Camps....

Summer camp in the USA began in the summer of 1861 when William Gunn and his wife, Abigail took a group of children into the wilderness for two weeks, to hike, boat, fish and play games. 

Today, over ten thousand summer camps are in existance across the USA, each with their own history, traditions and specializations which have grown over many many years.  Summer Camp is part of American culture.  Over 10 Million children attend camp each year, from the Beaches of Hawaii to the Mountains in Vermont....all across America!

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What Happens at Camp?

The main goal of camp is to create a FUN, SAFE environment for children.  Children are encouraged to try new activities, to step out of their boundaries in a physically and emotionally safe and supported environment.  Parents trust the camp (and counselors) with the safety of their child and expect a safe, caring, nurturing environment.

Campers will range in age from 6 to 16 with some special needs camps also offering opportunities for young adults.  You can expect campers from a vast array of backgrounds at camp.  It really does make for a unique blend of cultures and personalities!

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